About Timor Leste

One of the most extraordinary, colourful places you’re likely to visit with amazing natural environments and friendly locals. A gateway to an exciting array of adventures amid spectacular scenery, from high above sea level, Mount Ramelau(2993m above sea level)  to pristine coastal beaches, incomparable experiences await your enjoyment and will liven up your senses. 

Timor – Leste is also called East Timor, or Timor Lorosaé. It is located on the eastern part of the island of Timor and is part of a group of islands that form the vast Indonesian archipelago.


Coffee industry

Timor-Leste is world famous for its coffee, and around 25% of the population earn their living from growing this crop. Most of the coffee is grown in the north-west district of Ermera and it is a growing export trade.


Customs and Traditions

The customs and traditions of Timor-Leste have come from the various influences that have help shaped the country over the centuries. Some of these customs relate to its history before European contact, and some are attached to its strong Roman Catholic beliefs.


Making a guest feel welcome is an important Timor-Lestein tradition. A meal or snack will always be offered, even though food might be scarce, and it is considered impolite to refuse it.


Timor-Leste also has a rich history of weaving, poetry, music, dance and storytelling.


Timor and the crocodile

This traditional story about the birth of Timor is told to children all over Timor-Leste.

A young boy saw a small crocodile struggling to get from a lagoon to the sea. The boy picked the crocodile up and helped him. The crocodile was grateful and told the boy that if he ever needed help he should stand by the edge of the sea and call ‘crocodile!’

One day the boy needed to travel across the sea, so he called ‘Crocodile!’ he rode on the crocodile’s back. The crocodile took him on many journeys after that, but soon the crocodile’s instinct to eat the boy grew strong. The crocodile felt unhappy about this and asked the advice of many animals. They told him that he should not repay the boy’s kindness by eating him. The crocodile could not hurt his friend.

In time the crocodile grew very old. He told the boy that when he (the crocodile) died, he would change into a beautiful land where the boy and his children could live. The crocodile became the land of Timor.